Open Heart International

Open Heart International is a humanitarian agency who facilitates surgical best practice in disadvantaged communities so the help we provide lasts lifetimes.

Since Curio began in 2015, we’ve been granted with many opportunities to give back. That’s why Natalie Vinton volunteered with Open Heart International, and donated her time and skills to help in countries less fortunate.

Natalie raised funds to support the project involving Cambodia’s Angkor Hospital for Children, which included costs with supplies, travel expenses, and equipment. She also assisted the Open Heart International surgery team any way she could, working as a play therapist to support the children throughout their recovery after open heart surgery.

The team consisted of approximately 30 Australian doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and extras like her. There were 2-3 surgeries planned each day with the intention of training and providing a transference of skills to the Cambodian team so they could continue to carry on the great work when the team headed home.

In 2016, Open Heart International celebrated 30 years. In excess of 150 project visits have been coordinated and over 5,550 lives have been transformed!