Former Eastern Creek Animal Quarantine Station





60 Wallgrove Road, Eastern Creek


Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Heritage Impact Statement
Historical Archaeological Assessment
Aboriginal + Historical Archaeological Excavations
Heritage Interpretation Plan
Photographic Archival Recording
Project Summary
As part of Mirvac’s State Significant Development of the Former Eastern Creek Animal Quarantine Station site into an Industrial Business Park, Curio were engaged to prepare specialist heritage and archaeological reports for the site, including an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan, Community Consultation and Test Archaeological Excavation to address the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage significance and archaeological values of the site.
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Curio’s Approach

Curio prepared an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the site, which included Archaeological test excavation, post-excavation reporting and authentic, enduring Heritage Interpretation that wasn’t just a ‘plaque’ on a wall.

Working with the local Aboriginal community was an absolute highlight of the project and whilst very few artefacts were discovered, the Aboriginal cultural heritage significance of the modified landscape was then furthered discussed with the community and incorporated into long-term accessible interpretation.

Legacy We Leave Behind

This was one of Curio’s first and favourite projects because we delivered on time and well under budget for the client, loved working closely with local Aboriginal community during the test archaeological excavations to derisk the site, whilst capturing its embedded cultural heritage values and found an ‘out of the box’ approach to interpreting the site’s rich layers of history for the long.

To find out more about the site’s proud Aboriginal connections, former Olympic Quaratine Scandals, visting world-famour Ballerinas, Champagne and Army Training go to Blacktown City Council’s website , where we reveal the site’s incredible history…

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