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Oxford Street, from Hyde Park to UNSW Art and Design


Heritage Constraints and Opportunities
Conservation Management Strategies
Project Summary
Curio undertook a unique approach to understanding the collective cultural heritage significance of the Oxford Street Activity Precinct which included the assessment of tangible and intangible heritage values related to the precinct’s multi-layered history.
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Curio’s Approach

Given the exceptional cultural heritage significance of the precinct, Curio Projects’ role was to identify key aspects of the precinct that best demonstrate its character and heritage values. The precinct’s significance as Gadigal country, one of Sydney’s earliest commercial hubs, and the LGBTIQ Protest & Pride Movement became the basis from which Curio’s cultural heritage management strategies and recommendations were formulated.

Curio identified multiple opportunities to help shape future developments towards high quality outcomes that highlights the precinct’s rich historic context and enduring character. Using a multi-layered approach to heritage management, Curio’s study hopes to help the City of Sydney reveal the many significant stories associated with Oxford Street and inspire public engagement for the re-activation of the entire precinct.

Legacy We Leave Behind
In a visually engaging, two-volume Heritage Study, Curio has provided extensive research on Oxford Street Precinct’s physical and social transitions through time, to provide a deeper analysis of its context that goes beyond just identifying built heritage values. The Curio study deliberately cultivates a vision for promoting precinct revitalisation through the balance of future development, cultural heritage tourism, conservation of key heritage assets and the re-telling of precinct stories in meaningful and captivating ways.

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