Re Bar


Re Bar

Matt Whiley, the leading international bar entrepeneur, engaged Curio Projects to be part of the team delivering on the first permanent no-waste bar in Sydney, the RE Bar, at the State significant Locomotive Workshops, which has since gone on to give Matt and the team another spot in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2021, deservedly picking up the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2021.


Matt Whiley


South Eveleigh Bay 8/9 South Annexe


Heritage Impact Statements
Ongoing Heritage Advice


Project Summary
The zero-waste concept is not limited to the food and drink menu. It extends to the design and materiality of the bar, proposing 100% recycled materials and finishes. The main challenge and opportunity for the project was how to achieve a contemporary fit-out that is a sustainable reflection of the business brand as well as a sympathetic insertion within the original industrial fabric of the Locomotive Workshops building.
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Curio’s Approach
Curio came into the picture to ensure the sustainable concept of the bar was aligned with the conservation and adaptive reuse of the heritage fabric within the Locomotive Workshops. We provided specialist heritage advice throughout the design stage and prepared the Heritage Impact Statement in order to achieve a unique and respectful combination of modern and heritage fabrics that was readily approved by consent authorities.
Legacy We Leave Behind
The collaborative work between Alfred, Matt and Curio resulted in the 1940s mezzanine structure being repurposed and the opening up of views to the heritage roof trusses, arched windows, and masonry walls. The proposed materials, finishes, and colours were carefully curated to create a an award-winning sustainable innovative insertion within the space, sensitive to the original industrial aesthetics of the Workshops.

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