Redfern Station


Redfern Station

Creating connection to place through integrated design that weaves the cultural heritage and social history of Redfern into the contemporary re-design of the station.


Transport for NSW


Redfern, Sydney


Heritage Interpretation and Design, Curation and Development
Aboriginal Community Consultation
Aboriginal Co-design
Storytelling and Placemaking
Production, Fabrication and Installation
Project Summary
Curio Projects worked collaboratively with Transport for NSW and the design team to create meaningful connections to place for the local community, and a rich and engaging experience of place for commuters.
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Curio’s Approach
Our approach at Redfern Station was to work as an integrated part of the design team to deliver a cohesive interpretation and placemaking outcome that celebrates the historic and contemporary stories of the place through the voices of the local community.

Cultural heritage and contemporary social history are woven seamlessly into the design of the project in many forms including public art, landscape design, graphics and imagery, ground inlays and projections, to create a cohesive and authentic sense of place, and a rich and multi-layered experience for the local community and commuters.

Legacy We Leave Behind
Empowering the local Aboriginal community to tell their stories of place, to create meaningful connections and a sense of ownership, identity and pride. The integration of authentic and engaging storytelling and placemaking provides a rich experience for visitors and commuters.

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