Westpac Plaza


Westpac Plaza

Stylish outdoor exhibition showcasing the uncovered history of Sydney through carefully curated artefacts, ground inlays and interpretive signage.




275 Kent Street, Sydney


Heritage Interpretation Plan
Interpretation Concepts + Design
Integration within landscape and/or built design
In-house Design
Curation, Production and Installation
Historical Research
Project Summary
Curio Projects was briefed to provide integrated interpretation design that would enrich the story of the 40,000 artefacts uncovered on this important archaeological site at Westpac Plaza, Sydney.
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Curio’s Approach

Our approach was to ensure that this important archaeological site’s story was told through the display of found artefacts which tell stories of the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Curio worked closely with the project’s industrial designer on each object’s display vitrine, curating objects as well as expertly installing each found item.

Accessible day and night, lighting design was incorporated to highlight each object.

Interpretation included the design of a series of ground inlays featuring objects and their identifying numbers. Curio developed content, illustrations and design for didactic panels to provide visitors with an insight into what else was discovered under their feet. 

Legacy We Leave Behind
Beautifully curated showcase of a cross section of daily life during the mid to late 1800s which provides visitors and passerbys with an insight into what else was discovered under their feet.

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