Work Managers’ Office


Work Managers’ Office

Celebrating the unique heritage, characters and stories associated with the former Works Managers’ Office through engaging and innovative storytelling.


Centuria Capital Limited


South Eveleigh


Heritage Interpretation, Design and Development
Storytelling and Placemaking
Production Management
Project Summary
Through unique and creative interpretation, Curio Projects has brought to light the significant and surprising stories associated with this integral part of the wider Eveleigh Railway Workshop site.
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Curio’s Approach
Our approach was to create a link between the past and the present by building intrigue, sparking interest, and encouraging the public to discover the stories of the building and its people within the wider narrative of South Eveleigh and its Workshops. Interpretation at the Work Managers’ Office takes shape in the form of life-size silhouettes, interpretive graphics, signage, and illustrations that come together to create a multi-layered storytelling experience.

The development of these detailed interpretive elements enable everyone from long-term users of the site to unsuspecting passers-by to understand the building’s historic role over time and what it can tell us about ‘money, time, and a crime’.

Legacy We Leave Behind
Through the development and installation of creative and unique heritage interpretation, the former Work Manager’s Office finds it’s voice amongst the iron and smoke of the State-significant Eveleigh Workshops.

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