Work Order Scavenger Hunt

Join our fun family activity celebrating the amazing history and intriguing stories of the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops.

Work Order: Task 7

Foundry Inspection

The Sub-Foreman always speaks in riddles, but they lead you to the location of your Work Order Task and offer hints to help you complete it. Read the riddle below and use the picture to help you complete each task.


Travelling up then down you’ll see,

dozens of different shapes of me.

Molten metal poured on beds of sand,

Made from timber so we could expand.

Answer the question below on your Work Order Card and then scan the QR code with this symbol to find the clues that will lead you to your next Task.

Task 7 Question:
How many of me can you see in the cabinets?  

Hint: when you reach the bottom, look left and right!